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Edith Knitwear



The story

The Story


As a child, Madeleine was surrounded by creativity, hard work and ambition, from being dragged into work with her dad to sell crisps from a van, to learning how to hand knit at the age of 6. 


Madeleine envied her parents going to work whilst she went to school as all she ever wanted to do was meet people and start her own business. Often being called an old head on young shoulders, Madeleine would often skive school so she could stay and knit with her Grandma.


This was Madeleine's first experience of knitting: making special creations with her Grandmother’s knitting needles and yarn at home. Little did she know that her own brand, Edith, would one day be born.


Coming from a close family unit, Madeleine's parents decided to give her the middle name of Edie, a shortened version of her Great Gran’s name, Edith. 


With family time forming Madeleine’s most treasured memories, it seemed only right that this sentimental family name was given to Madeleine’s knitwear brand. 


Madeleine’s Background 

Madeleine Graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA Honors in Fashion Knitwear and Knitted Textiles in 2021. After finishing her studies, she knew the city life wasn’t for her and that her hometown in Somerset was the perfect place to start pursuing her career in handcrafted knitwear.




Madeleine’s first collection for Edith captures the comfort of being at home and the beauty of making something by hand. You can expect to see timeless neutrals, cosy textures and comforting pieces that are designed to be treasured with every wear.



The pieces are knitted using sustainable yarns from UK-based yarn supplier, Yeoman Yarns. All materials come with a Green Label certification as well as a guarantee that no toxic substances have been used. Yeoman Yarns ensure their employees work in a comfortable work environment and that all materials are sustainably sourced. 


All of the garments in this collection are carefully made using a non-electric, hand-operated Dubied knitting machine by Madeleine in her home studio. Each piece is created with zero/ minimal waste as sustainability is paramount to Madeleine's design process. 



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