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Let's embraces creativity and individuality together.

We believe that clothing should be an expression of your personality. To ensure our customers have the best possible experience, we follow a detailed design process from start to finish.

Follow us on our journey from illustration to design, to handmade and finally to the finished product. Our commitment to creativity and quality is what sets us apart from other fashion brands. We believe in the power of fashion to tell stories and share emotions, join us on this exploration through a digital scrapbook.

Edith Knitwear believes that fashion should be creative, diverse, and accessible. That’s why we strive to showcase the raw process of creativity, rather than the “perfect” version that you’ll often find on social media. We invite you to take a look at our online scrapbook of our journey through the design, production and marketing of our products. We’re proud to present an honest and real look at the fashion industry from our perspective.

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